Drake has a record breaking number of 20 songs out of the Billboard top 100 this week. Drake beat out Justin Bieber who had amassed 17 songs on the top 100 on the week of December 5th. VIEWS has been a massive success, selling an equivalent of 1.04 million albums after being released just a few weeks ago

Here are all of the Drake songs that were on the Top 100:

No. 1, "One Dance," feat. WizKid & Kyla (up from No. 2)
No. 6, "Work," Rihanna feat. Drake (holds at No. 6)
No. 21, "Pop Style," feat. The Throne (up from No. 40)
No. 33, "Hype" 
No. 34, "Controlla"
No. 38, "Grammys," feat. Future
No. 40, "Still Here" 
No. 44, "U With Me?"
No. 45, "9" 
No. 47, "With You," feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR 
No. 49, "Childs Play"
No. 52, "Too Good," feat. Rihanna
No. 53, "Feel No Ways" 
No. 54, "Weston Road Flows" 
No. 61, "Redemption" 
No. 68, "Keep the Family Close" 
No. 72, "Faithful," feat Pimp C & dvsn
No. 75, "Fire & Desire" 
No. 86, "Views" 
No. 89, "Summer Sixteen" (down from No. 73)