L.A.’s Teasley is back with the summertime fine visuals for his debut single, “Hit It”. The tropical house/pop vocalist has only released two songs to date but it’s obvious his music is filled with addicting potential. The video, directed by Jack Craymer and sponsored by Red Bull paints the perfect  picture for this infectiously catchy, radio ready single. The production behind the whole video and the overall aesthetic quality is just down right incredible. The color schemes and slow-motion shots incorporated into the party scene portrayed throughout the video come together making this video just plain fun to watch time and time again.

For an artist at this stage of his career, a video like this is something we rarely see anymore and I’ve got a ton of respect just off that for Teasley. It’s easy to tell he’s got a great team behind him and this didn’t happen overnight. I can’t stress enough the importance of a strong foundation and taking the time to really get things right regarding every aspect of the finished product. This guy doing it right. Artists take note and watch your back. Teasley is rising fast.

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